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Along with all players and coaches participating in York Futsal activity, all of player’s parents or guardians must accept and adhere to the following.

Guardian’s Code of Conduct

Children and young people develop in different ways and react differently in certain situations.  We are attempting to give all of the player’s attached to the club a worthwhile experience at whatever level they are playing at.  The most important thing is that they enjoy their futsal.  You as parents, guardians and spectators have a massive part to play in this by adhering to the following code of conduct.

As parents/carer you are expected to:

  • Encourage children to participate if they are interested.  Do not place your child under pressure or push them into activities they do not want to do.

  • Promote your child’s participation in playing sport to fun, reducing emphasis on winning.

  • Teach children that an honest effect is as important as victory, so that the result of each game is accepted without undue disappointment.

  • Encourage children always to play by the rules.

  • Recognise the importance and value of the coach(es) by not criticising and undermining them in front of others.

  • Accept the official’s judgement as being fair and do not enter the court of play.

  • Remember a child learns best by example.  Applaud good play by all teams.

  • Issues of disagreement should not be raised publicly.

  • Do not criticise opposing team members and supporters by word or gesture.

  • Set a good example by your own conduct, behavior and appearance.

  • Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities.

  • Avoid use of derogatory language based on gender, race or impairment.

  • Complete and return the registration form pertaining to your child.  Detail any relevant medical concerns or conditions and update with any necessary changes as and when.

  • Deliver and collect your child punctually before and after sessions and matches.

  • Inform the coach prior to the activity starting if your child is to be collected early.

  • Ensure your child has clothing and kit appropriate to playing sport.

  • Ensure your child has adequate drinks and appropriate snacks.


Any breaches of this code of conduct will be dealt with immediately by York Futsal C.I.C.  Persistent concerns or breaches may result in you being asked not to attend games or sessions if your attendance is considered detrimental to the welfare of young participants.

The ultimate action should a parent/carer continue to breach the code of behavior may be York Futsal C.I.C. regrettably asking your child to leave the club/session.

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