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Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach


This role is a key position within the York Futsal Club with the clear aim of developing a progressive Strength & Conditioning programme from junior through, including international athletes. The role will be responsible for the delivery and development of strength and conditioning services, and involve working closely with the Coaching team to create a high performance training environment.

The successful candidate will be required to design and deliver strength and conditioning programmes with the aim of improving the physical qualities required to enhance swim performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.

This role will require an active contribution to individual athlete planning processes and projects as directed by the York Futsal Head Coach.


Work with the Head Coach, the wider staff to improve performance through developing, implementing and evaluating strength and conditioning programmes that reflect scientific principles as they relate to adaptation, periodisation, peaking, tapering and injury rehabilitation

  • Develop the strength and conditioning service through effective planning, programming, delivery and education

  • Ensure that the delivery of the strength and conditioning service effectively meets its commitments to athletes, coaches and the wider programme strategy including appropriate training objectives.

  • Work with coaches to deliver an interdisciplinary approach to performance development

  • Where appropriate identify and facilitate appropriate communication methods, including workshops, to inform and educate athletes, coaches and parents in the effective use of strength and conditioning

  • Where appropriate, attend, contribute to and provide regular reports at meetings associated with the programme

  • Work within the rules of professional confidentiality, liaise with athletes, primary care managers, parents, coaches and other support staff as appropriate

Job Type / Category

The hours required are as necessary to carry out your agreed duties. This may include some working outside normal office hours as it is a flexible and varied rota. These hours would be mutually agreed between the successful applicant and the club but are typically  evenings.

Required Education, Skills and Qualifications


Degree level (or equivalent) in sports science or related area, specialising in physical preparation of athletes

Higher degree level (or equivalent) specialising in the physical preparation of elite athletes (Desirable)

Experience in the provision of strength and conditioning service, including coaching to athletes and coaches to improve performance.(Essential)

Experience of analysing the demands of a sport in relation to the performance outcomes and identify the strength and conditioning requirements. To develop, implement and evaluate strength and conditioning programmes for individual athletes within these sports (Essential)

Experience of strategic planning including individual programming supported by specific diagnostics and monitoring which inform the coaching process (Essential)

Experience of working within a multi-disciplinary team in the delivery of strength and conditioning services (Desirable)

To apply, please email your application form and covering letter to info@yorkfutsal.club