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Celebrating 'Made In York'

At York Vikings, we're immensely proud to present 'Made In York' – a dedicated Futsal Development Player Programme that's all about nurturing top-tier performance futsal players!

Built on Community Values: 'Made In York' embodies one of our core pillars - 'the community.' It's not just about developing players; it's about fostering a family that supports and uplifts each other.

Our Commitment: Did you know that York Vikings' constitution dictates that, at least, 50% of our senior squad must originate from our academy? This commitment places tremendous pressure on us to develop players but also serves as a testament to our academy players' unwavering dedication and hard work.

With 'Made In York,' we're forging a path to excellence, producing players who are not just skilled but deeply connected to our club's values. Join us on this incredible journey of growth and development. Together, we're creating a legacy! #MadeInYork #FutsalDevelopment #YorkVikingsFamily

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