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CONSTITUTION | 50% Academy Players in the Senior Squad

York Futsal has an important mission to develop a community that loves futsal. We invest as much to develop players as we do to develop supporters of our projects, this is our DNA and we need to protect it. Adding to our constitution that, in the senior squad, at least half of the players need to be from our own academy (York Academy Home Grown Players) means the whole club and the community will work around that.

It will be above the staff choices and everyone in the club will understand, respect and work to sustain the constitution of the club. If 50% of the seniors squad need to come from our Academy, it consequently means our programme has to seek excellence and we are prepared for this challenge.

This addition to our Club Constitution comes together with the previous amendment that states: 'All senior squad players need to live not farthest than 30 miles from York'. Again, highlighting that local community is an important factor of our DNA.

We understand that futsal won't grow, locally and consequently nationally, without a huge community participation and we do our best to promote this ecosystem. York Futsal exists to develop futsal in York, be part of this community!

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